Free Palestine!!

Our eyes already opened widely by the incident in the world today but many of us still say “it’s not my problem” like an ignorance who doesn’t care with anything. If we keep thinking like this, we might found ourselves end-up inside the toilet bowl, our life ended like shit. Until when we can be ignorance?

Many people before blaming Muslim as a terrorist, but now as God finally revealed the real terrorist… and my finger pointed on Israel. Terrorist for humanity. I don’t say i hate Jewish… will never hate them. I hate zionism and i never support any Israel act which can be so hazardous to the human race. Don’t even blame Jewish because they also a human like us and God forbid us from judging another races or human.

It will never be our task to be the judge among the human. We can blame Israel on their zionism propaganda. But, have you ever think the real meaning of zionism? The real meaning are: Anyone of any faith or race who believes that the Jewish people have a right to a land of their own, centered around the ancient Jewish capital in Zion: Jerusalem. is a Zionist. Zionists may be of the Jewish faith and people. They may be Christian or Buddhist or Muslim or atheists. Zionists can be Marxists or monarchists or capitalists.

I never support Israel as a country but a “pirate land”… They don’t have the right for the land their owned now. They consider as a terrorist… Have you ever think of this inside your brain? Maybe we here feel happy with lots of foods but have you ever think what will the children in Palestine will eat for lunch, dinner or breakfast? How they gonna go to school? And how they gonna write? Most of us never think of this. I’m thankful to God because i was raised by my grandpa, even his not here anymore but he kept teaching me to say a doa or pray before do any kindness. And before having a meal or food, better think of those unfortunate everywhere and my mind kept flew over Palestine and Lebanon that time.

How they gonna eat? With the bomb… imagine we live in that kind of desperate time… what will we do? Have we ever ready? I don’t think so…. Let us all together brother and sister, whatever you are, Christians, Islam, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and everyone. Let us all say FREE PALESTINE… and pray.. maybe we can’t go fight in Palestine against Israel, our prayer is enough and may God always besides those who stand with the truth… Insha Allah.

Look Into My Eyes – Outlandish

Try Not To Cry-Sami Yusuf ft. Outlandish

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