Ariel PeterPan (Peterporn) Scandal Videos

Ariel Peterporn? this is the new name of ariel peterpan given by a twitter user due to his hot video which is spread all over internet. nowadays ariel peterporn was become a trending topics in twitter and drive many people to know more about ariel. the news about Ariel peterpan hot video with luna maya and cut tari also makes an American pornstar curious about ariel. she was vicky vette, vicky said on her twitter that she want to make a hot movie with ariel and luna maya.

So who is ariel? here’s a news about ariel on the what is the trend site. ariel scandal video download was become one of the hottest search term in the internet today.

Ariel (Nazril Irham) is the lead vocal of the famous Indonesian pop rock band “Peterpan.” He was born in Pangkalan Brandan, September 16, 1981. Ariel’s voice is one of the very obvious assets alongside with their simple and catchy lyrics, which made their band very famous in their country. Ariel married a lovely lady named Sarah Amelia. They had their daughter named Allea Ananta. However, their marriage was not as smooth as they expected and ended up in divorce by the year 2008. So, Ariel decided to focus on his career.
But it seems controversy likes him very much. Ariel’s laptop was lost, and according to reports, this laptop contains 2 private sex video, which circulated lately over the Internet. When this shocking news exploded, Ariel was named “Ariel Peterporn” because of the alleged sex video.
This alleged sex video of Ariel, he was with the very famous Indonesian model-actress, Luna Maya. And because of this scandal, Luna and Ariel became one of the hottest issues in most Indonesian media. A couple of videos similar to Ariel and Luna’s face while having a sexual intercourse started to circulate over the internet in the past three days.
According to Indonesian Digital Forensic Experts Z Alamsyah Ruby, there are software that can determine and recognize a person’s face caught on video. This particular software is known as facial recognition software or face recognition software.
As expert for this particular field, the video was presented to Ruby. Affirmed by Ruby to City News, the video was authentic and was not engineered or edited by someone.
Ruby stated, “The video was recorded by the cast themselves. The quality seen on the video were all authentic and not a result of edits or video engineering.”
While according to the Ariel and Luna, who recently released a written statement regarding on this matter, denied that they participated on such act and the video was engineered.

Several people has investigate the spreading of this hot video to find out the truth on ariel scandal video and they found a shocking facts such as the similarity between ariel watch and the watch that used by the man in the ariel scandal video.

Here’s the pictures

And this is the similarity between Cut tari real faces and the woman on the video which is claimed as cut tari.

I’m really sure many chix out there will cry because they favourite singer a “pr0nstar” .. but we don’t have the right to judge about it. What do you think? Is this for real or another internet hoax?

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