Have someone call you bro? (for guys only) and some gals maybe also being call like this if they love to hanged out with a guys… its a Bro Hoes (similar to groupies…so girls if love o hangout with guys at club, u consider as a bro hoes).

It’s street slang. Made popularized by the street peeps in New York. Sometimes they response to you, “Yo! Bro…”..Maybe lots of you being caught in this situation being call bro.. For me, bro usually use if you’re related with the caller or you may call him back with that. Like me and my cousins and brother. Also all my really close friends (it’s kinda blood-brothers thingy… like in fraternity or something) but have you ever response if someone call you bro first time you meet them? I bet lots of you may eager to response to it with full of joy and gayishness. 

Well for me, i prefer not to call me “bro” for the first time. Unless they really know me. There’s one incident where a guy suddenly call me “bro”. Maybe it’s a nature for me to reflects on that moment, i said “I’m NOT yer “BRO”.. maybe it’s sounds annoying if people not understand it especially those using the term without strong knowledge behind it. I don’t say i disallow the label on me, it’s only we need sometimes to know each other before we can react/use on that.

It sounds funny too when you sms someone that start with the word bro but you get a reply saying “i’m not your brother”. But nevermind on that. Other stories, Yahoo email seems spreading somekind like a trojan virus nowadays. All the yahoo email that you sent a message before will send an email to you with the silly url. PLEASE DON’T EVER CLICK ON THAT! It will damage your system or programme. If you reply that email, your friends may surprise to read your email and he/she will say “i never send that to you…”.

Well, 4th of July, Happy Independence Day to all US citizen. I’m kinda feel happy watching the US History on History Channel. Most hackers during that day attacked all Justin Bieber videos. Maybe the hacker got some issues with Justin’s song….that’s for now. Bye “BRO”….

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