Amazon Kindle

For the first time today as i watched Oprah (no shit i’m a fan of her programme), i saw one kind of things which interested me alot. And i’m thinking of buying it very soon. I’m talking about Amazon Kindle (A device for reading an E-Book). Its like putting all your book inside and no need for you to bring books while travelling anymore.

Wanna know more, go surf here for definitions (if you no idea what am i talking about). I don’t know if its available here locally. In US, surely have. The device is priced at USD359 and ships free within USA if can wait the shipping period of 3 days. For my stay, I had to rush it to overnight, for an additional USD20, raking up the price to USD379. The unit comes with a Quick-guide manual, a USA two-prong charger head that allows the provided USB cable to charge the device.

Not only reading an E-Book, you may also listen to a music while reading. You can put mp3 inside the device. One more thing, you must have an internet access on this. Like a wifi or 3g mobile connection. My oh my, this book can be carry anywhere in this planet. Maybe i can get a copy of Das Kapital (i’m a communist .. it’s not illegal anyway) or any books that i love like Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wicjk (By Hamka) and Magdalena.

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