Rain, Android, Blackberry and iPhone

Rain non-stop today. Everything has been cancelled. I really wish for the rain so i can go doing my ‘stuff’. Well, you know usual what we did when we feel cold. Don’t too ‘yellow’ on my statement, it’s sleeping. I juz woke up and wishing for clear sky so i can jog all over the place. I end up feel hungry. It’s normal for us to feel hungry while it’s raining. One think kept lingered in my head since last weekend. I need to change this phone into advance phone. I’m thinking of any android phones, or maybe Iphone or Blackberry. My friend told me i can interact to any BB users if they subscribe to the net. That’s cool but my friend the phone repairman suggest me an iPhone which more apps can be use. Also i can blog thru it. I can’t imagine my blogging life with it. It can be superb. I must get that phone before end of this year. God please fulfill my wish.

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