Have you ever realize that your life being fool by your surroundings? Not fair,isn’t it. Why we must obey the rules all the time that consider as blind? I heard some of my colleague says, it’s okay if the politicians giving money during their campaign. Crap! I’ll never accept/give that kind of money. It’s against my philosophy of living. Maybe my colleague raise with some impact from stupidity of his surrouding or maybe he is, a plain stupid person. My eyes really wided-open after watching ‘Let The Light Take Us’ (a black metal documentary on Norwegian Black Metaller) also Zeit Geist (a documentary on how the US ‘democracy’ change the world). It’s all bullshit when people saying they’re satanist, i’m highlightening on the black metal docu. They’re not satanist but pagan. It’s viking culture. So, lots of info i knew about them before are totally bullshits and lies. Same like the US democracy that idolizing by most moronic brain people. Democracy isn’t exist. But conspiracy is. *cross-finger*

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