No One There

When we walk upon this life have we ever think that we might end up ALONE? Even we partying in this life we still can’t get out from the reality of our future. What we gonna do, what we gonna say, what we gonna feel after that?

There’s no answer.. most of all no answer.. Only some step by step instructions from our religion. I’m not talking about religion here. This is about our current life. And what next. Sometimes i laughed when saw some people happy without some purpose.. maybe they just want to release some stressful life the had in life.

It’s ok for all of us to be happy and enjoy our life.. as long we know where we might go afterwards.. do you ever feel some happy garden might waiting for all of us “there”? The answer is NO ONE THERE. Trust me. If you never have target or purpose in this life. *put hand on his chest*

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