Damn SUCKS!!!

I cant stand it anymore… It’s been 4 years  he didn’t pay his debt. Only last year the first RM300.. The total amount about RM3000… now only RM2700 left. He promise again to bank-in RM300 today but WTF!! It’s not even showing some increasing on the amount inside my account.

The RM300 he promised to pay me on 3rd August.. it’s after i scolded him with “F” word via text… if not he may put some extra-excuses to run away again. He even threatening me via sms.. i cant stand it anymore. He not even a real Malaysian and he always using i’m his relative to get some sympathy from me. SHITE LAH!!!

So, if we’re family, you can do anything you want. It’s been 4 years and you promised me to pay gradually RM300/month. If i a loan shark, i make sure i cut his fingers.. The problem is, i really need that money. How come some people really fuck-up to pay their debts on others.. And now, i really can’t stand it.

“Well, if u ask nicely it’s my responsibilities 2 pay bck @ all caused… hwever if u keep threatening me, i’ll leave wid no fears, i think u dnt know of wat im capable…lucky im KL..huh..so stop behaving like a kid..u’ll get d rm 300 once i get my pay on Friday…btw, im going bck to Sabah by raya..let settle this matter like man..”

That was his text to me.. see.. he even say i’m like a kid. I did asked nicely many times for many years.. he said no money but what i heard from him that he was clubbing with friends … How i wish he die in a car accident… This is about money… i need to buy some stuff like foods what so ever.. But he never understand it or pretend it not his problem…

I reallny need my money back.. I dont know why i’m so easily feel pity for people when they need help from me. Peoples lend my money over RM13,200 (total amount).. i just dont care now. You want some action, i give you action. Hope you guys stare at his photo, if you know him, don’t give your money or lend your money to him. His name is Keanu whatsoever.. fucken’ SHITE!!!
*p/s: you like being famous, rite, now i give you FAMOUS… you love being model, now you can be model on my Blog….

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