At Last….

At last….

He bank-in me some money… about RM300… it’s ok for a start.. at least he pay.. i asked him to pay monthly RM300.. at least no one get mad or hurt, rite?

People will never get piss if you pay your debts. It’s ok for being late but not too long.. I cant even why was it. I’m cooling down now.. a bit..

My friend just tagged me on facebook about next event this November. It’s a metal gig.. interesting. i’m looking forward for it. Ahh… he message me on myspace too. He mentioned me about we together as a organizer before. Yeah i admit i am. Maybe i’m going to join on the capital vice and help out on this matter. It’s the final gig organzied by The Twin Towering Inferno Productions (read my post here) . I’m waiting for another RM10k being pay by my relative also this September.

Hopefully everything was good. Gosshh..i had flu and its really late but here i am still stealing some movie especially Tekken (hehehehhe). It’s not good but according for my friends review, the movie sucks.. so, don’t watch it if you expect a good movie there. Find another good one. Plan to watch The Last Airbender tommorow noon show. I will tell about it when get back. I love the animation, i expect greater from M. Night Shyamalan (siangmalam).

I still strongly suggest go watch My Name Is Khan and Repo Man. Both are great movies. I still feel so thankful to God for introduced me a good friend mr Asshar from smokedpcburg blog. For inform me to a seller who sell a cheap HP adaptor. I’m using it now. I’m happy with it. I met the seller tonite at Kota Kinabalu and while try to go to Centre Point, I saw a crowded people under the traffic light in front of the mall (sorry no photo taken). I dont know why some people not going to call a police or ambulance. I’m afraid it’ll be a murder case or somebody just collaps. I managed to call a police. Hopefully, there’s no bad things gonna happen. *wishing*

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