Ramadhan Time To re-Think

Simple entry, i only wanna wish all of you Muslim out there also non-Muslim.. Happy Ramadhan. May this Ramadhan will bring lots of great things for all of us. Not only a preparation for Eidulfitri. Ramadhan are to teach us to be more kind-hearted, sympathy, empathy and most of all is to re-think back on the current situation on this world today. 

Be humble because we all only slave of the Almighty God (Allah Azza Wajalla).. This year a ramadhan without some friends and with new friends. The latest one gone forever last Sunday. I’m now realize and can motivate my self that “Kematian adalah satu tidur yang panjang” (Death is only a deeper kind of slumber. One day we may “sleep” also. That’s all… happy Ramadhan (Selamat Berpuasa)

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