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Well, this is not a weird view that all of us know,especially if you’re Sabahan. This is not some hobo who just lay his head wherever he wanted too. This is some drunken fella. I don’t even know who he is but all i know he is a local. Until when this attitude happen in our society? Some of us claim to be ‘Anti-Pilak’ but in same time they still proud with their own ‘geniusity’ which end up like this. So, i’m asking you back, why you wanna hate others but never try to look into the mirror? The answer inside is within you. Stop being racist and act smart. *giggles*.

I bet there’s no foreigner that being hated most of you if you dare to work under the sun as a contract worker to build a building but the problem is, NO ONE DARE!. There’s only some stupid mentality among most of so-called “bumiputra” here in Sabah. I don’t stand on the foreigner side nor the local.. I just want all of you to open wide your eyes and brain. The alcohol just narrowing your brain and can’t even think straight. If you really think you stand for the truth, take my pledge, go work at any construction site, i’m sure no one wanna take you.. *laugh again*

This post actually for 2 racist groups on Facebook: Kami Sangat Anti Pilak dan PTI Anti-pilak . Pilak according to southern Philippines dialect means money (If you say that you’re not racist, why don’t just use the term PTI or illegal immigrant instead of pilak?). I think they just hate money so much and that’s why they want they life to be wasted. If some people think they’re a great speecher or thinker, they act, Practice what you preach. I don’t think so, heh. COWARD (hiding behind some “random” photos)!

I also ask all of you go report on any criminal activities to the police.  If there’s any illegal immigrant, go report with the immigration department. Or you don’t have times anyway? Go fill the form and work with the immigration department or police force. I don’t think you’re eligible because you have problem with racism and pure hatred.  Weird huh!!

I quoted back my blog entry:

Prohibition of Contempt and Ridicule of Other People (even Non-Muslims) 

Islam forbids the ummah (followers) to curse others and but encourage them to befriend other people to show qudwah (good character), which is good for taming them with Islam. Word of Allah in Surah al Hujurat: 11

” O believers! Let not some men among you deride others, who may perhaps be better than they. Nor let women mock others, who may perhaps be better than they are. Do not defame one another, nor call one another with offensive nicknames (Those who do all these will become evil-doers). An evil thing indeed to be called by a bad name denoting evil-doing after embracing the true faith. And (remember), those who do not repent repent (from their evil deeds) are indeed wrongdoers”- (49:11)

Prohibition in this chapter includes Muslims and non-Muslims as long as they do not fight against the religion of Islam itself. In fact, Allah says that those who ridicule this will be label as wicked and should repent.”

Read here for more . I’m not a preacher wannabe. Only it’s a compulsory to all Islam to remind their brothers or sisters on any wrong doing they commit. Just change the name and no one will get angry. Same goes if other races being call some insulting nickname.. they might feel angry about it. And start look into the mirror before blaming others first.

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