The 2 Things We Need In Life

As today, in the modern world, where our life has become complex with many modern gadgets and technology. People brain getting complex. If you say this situations same like in 1400 years ago, it’s totally wrong. During early age of men, people thinking much more pure than nowadays. The thinkers (cynic) during that time can be respected and honoured by the society because of knowledgeable in certain subjects. In arab language (also being used in Malay language) the words Alim will be refer to the knowledgeable people.

Some people may suffer some serious judgment problem (should I call it as judgmentality). We can’t blame the technology for this. This an example of some men (refer to both man and women) forgot to get back to the basic, the Holy Quran and As-Sunnah. As being said lots of times for all the Muslim people that they will never lost if they still holding to these 2 importants guidance.

As-Sunnah is the habit and usual practice which includes words from the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which contained an explainations to what Allah (God being called by Muslim in Arabic language, also can be call “Ilah” or “Elah” in Hebrew) has said inside the Quran.

Before Quran, theres’ Zabur (the prophet David), Torah or Taurat (the prophet Moses) and Injil or Bible (Jesus Son of Mary) (peace be upon them all) being sent down by Allah which are revelations for human being to follow since Adam and Eve being put away from Heaven to Earth. The revelations contains guidance how to live in very great life on Earth and to gain Pahala from Allah (swt) which will be return to a great living in Jannah (Heaven) during the judgment day.

As for Muhammad (pbuh), Allah sent down a great Holy Quran for human as a guidance for all Ummah (mankind). This proof being told inside Quran by Allah which means:

“We have sent down to you (O Muhammad) clear revelations (the Quran), and none will deny them except those who are outrageously wicked” (1:99)

The word “we” from the verse doesn’t mean God are many or polytheist, but it refer to Allah (swt) and the angels (loyal workers to Allah swt). Some people misinterpretate the word as God with his family. It’s totally wrong and it’s being twisted by the infidel or the pagan. This clear revelations also being denied by some group of human (including the people of the Book)* and also the Satan (some ulama’ interpretate that it’s include some Muhammad follower themselves Nauzubillah Min Zalik) and it’s already being expect by Allah (swt) at verse 100:

“What! (Is it reasonable that they deny the revelation) and whenever they make a covenant some of them cast it aside? Most of them do not believe” (1:100)

Many Ummah nowadays will say, “we already knew”. But, have they practice it by referring this two important guidance?:

“And they (the Jews and the Christians) say: None but Jews and the Christian shall enter Paradise (Heaven).” Such are their wishful fancies. Say (O Muhammad): “Let us have your proofs (to prove the fact) if what you say is true”. (1:111)

Although afterwards both of them (the Jews and Christians) accusing one another:

“And the Jews say: “The Christians have no basis for their beliefs (in their religion)”, and the Christians also say: “The Jews have no basis for their beliefs (in their religion).” Yet they both read the Scriptures (Torah and Bible). Those who have no knowledge (among the idol worshippers of the pagans) also made similar claims. Allah will judge their disputes on the Day of Resurrection.” (1:113)

In this verses, Allah never mention that Quran not only for follower of Muhammad. It suppose to be guidance for the Christians and Jews too. Muhammad (puh) is the last and final prophet for all humanity. Muhammad (pbuh) isn’t a founder of Islam and Islam isn’t a new religion (like being explained and told by some people). Same goes with if a Muslim who doesn’t abide by the teachings of Moses and Jesus (pbut) is not really a true Muslim. Quran is the complete scriptures that contains everything and aspects.

“Say (O Muhammad): “O People of the Book (the Jews and Christians)! Let us come to an equitable agreement which we and you hold  in common that we will worship none but Allah, that we will associate none with Him, and none of us shall take others for lords beside Him.” If they (the People of the Book) turn back (and refuse to accept it), say: “Bear witness that we are Muslims (who have surrendered our will to Him).” (3:64)

Come to us the words brotherhood among Muslim, and brothers shall never hate and never misjudge or judging their brothers with false interpretation. If all of us realize this they’ll be no war and hatred amongst all the humankind. It’s also prevent us from doing a bad things for example like zina (adultery) and abortions. Insya Allah.

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