How to Keep Alive the Holy Qur’an

The recent event has opened the eyes of humanity around the world on how terror can emerge on any form. International Burning Qur’an Day considers as one of terror act that being planned by Pastor Terry Jones from a chapel in Gainesville, Florida, United States of America in conjunctions of his protest on Islam for the attack of WTC on 9/11 10 years ago. We can see many people voiced-out rejecting this event and the authority also never allowed this from happen.

The people from any background (no matter they’re Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindus and other religion), together shows how that kind of act can never solve the problem. For us a Muslim, it’s more like insulting our religion and holy-book. But, do we really feel insulted?

Wakeup Project page had made their own research on this matter by created an event on facebook (starts 9 September 2010 until end of this week). They put the title as “We Against International Burning Quran Day“. There’s many feedbacks I saw from the event wall and also how many attendance on support the protest and how many people who decline and maybe support the protest or not (maybe). Well, people had spoken what they want to do.

I just checked on the people who decline the protest, sad news, some of them are Muslims, I don’t know maybe they don’t want to involve on this matter or it just a plain ignorant. Or maybe they just click No on the event because they thought it’ll be happening outside the internet like gather in one place and protest. Wakeup Project made the event just for protest against the Qur’an burning day on Facebook only. They don’t brought this thing anywhere on this planet. It’s better than protesting with Napalm bomb or with a Zulu tribe spears.

As we know, our protest had succeeded to stop Pastor Terry Jones on his hateful event, but it still happen somewhere else on other “hillbilly” churches like in Nashville, Tennessee and somewhere in Florida too. I don’t blame the way the American people thinking on this matter. It’s their Freedom of Speech policy where they freely can show dissatisfaction on something. They can burn Qur’an but they can never burn the Qur’an that already being memorize by most Muslims including me (only 65% of it and I’m still working on memorizing the whole book). 

Lots of Muslims trying to blame the Christians and America also planning to burn the Holy Bible somewhere in this world and kill the American. Is it can stop the hatred? There’s NO WAY for it to stop. It can make the small problem becoming worst than ever. It just not right for us to burn the holy book of others. Same like attacking other religion or people (read here in my previous post) which never allowed in Islam.

“Whoever is an enemy to Allah (by denying his commandments), and His Angels, and His Messengers, especially the angels Jibril (Gabriel) and Mika’il (Michael); (he shall be punished), for Allah Himself is the enemy of the unbelievers” – (Al-Baqarah: 98)

I find out lots of us (Muslims) the follower of Muhammad (saw) love to keep Qur’an at home and also love to put up a holy verses from Qur’an on the wall as an amulet to get rid of the devil, satan or ghost (in Malay language it’s called “hantu”). Do you really believe it works that way? I don’t think so.

It’s compulsory for us Muslims to read the Qur’an and not to keep it behind the glass or as an amulet. And most of us only recite the Qur’an if someone’s died or just to get rid of ghost. There’s no such thing as an amulet in Islam. Putting up holy verses on the wall to gain benefits like get wealthy, get rid of ghost or satan only the ideas came from the Pagan except if it’s easy for us to read it on the wall. The true idea is, we all MUST read the Qur’an and understand the meaning behind it. Qur’an contains loads of beautiful words and teaching besides Sunnah of Muhammad (saw). (Read my previous post here)

“We have sent down to you (O Muhammad) clear revelations (the Qur’an), and none will deny them except those who are outrageously wicked.” – (Al-Baqarah: 99)

If we say that we don’t know how to read Qur’an, we all MUST learn and find a teacher to teach us how. We all MUST read and understand the meaning behind it. It’s compulsory for us. It’s much better if we can memorize the content inside the Qur’an on every verse and every chapter. Just watch “The Book of Eli” where the main character played by Denzel Washington as Eli trying harder saving the Holy Bible by memorizing the whole book and re-print the Bible before his dead. For those (not only Muslims but Christians and other religions too) who still not watching this, go ahead watch it, lots of positive things we can learn from that film.

If we already know how to recite Qur’an, it’s a greater thing if we can teach our own children to read it. It may show them a good example on keeping the traditions alive inside their family and it’ll be continuous until the end of time. The adult/parents consider mirror image for their children and the Do’ a from their children consider can give shafaat to their parents but sadly lots of parents abandoning their responsibility on this matter by giveaway their children to learn Qur’an from others.

Remember, Allah will always protect those who obey His commandments from inside the Qur’an (by doing rights). And remember that the Devil, Satan and Jinni are also the creation from Him like us (human) and Angels and He who has every power to control them. And remember for the last time; don’t make Qur’an as an amulet (azimat) by keeping it behind the glass or to make our household prettier.

“And he who ignores the message of (the Qur’an revealed by Allah) Most Gracious, We shall appoint him an evil one, Satan, for his intimate companion (who whispers to him evil suggestions leading him astray).”- (Az-Zukhruf: 36)

Trivia: United States of America isn’t a Christian country. It’s a country where everyone can practice their religions freely. Like the first American president according to constitution, George Washington isn’t a Christian but he is a monotheist (which believe in one God) and his religion still unknown. Same goes to Abraham Lincoln.

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