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A good friend of mine, Ibo from Turkey has created a great address Most of blogger or blogspot users getting bored with the address like or . Its sounds so “typical”, isn’t it?

Well now you can have it by changing your blogger addresses like mine, and (my future favorite recipes blog). Isn’t it cool? You can request here (on comment section) by putting your blogger addresses and what address you want. The minimum requirement is one alphabet (depend on the availability). Look at the sample below how to create a CNAME inside your blogger account and later we will fix it for you. Make sure create a blog post about this. We want our network grows.

*Please make sure you put down your correct email addresses and if you interested on email account (You can use, we can make it for you later. But, it still depends on the availability. Like for example, email of mine a[at]tronik[dot]org (Minimum is one alphabet) . Don’t forget to join our network page on facebook @

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