A Buy and Sale Website For Sabahan

Well.. i got a text from some weird number promoting a website.. I had checked the website and it’s not bad.. same like mudah.my but this one more into Sabah state community. It still new.. why dont’ we all support it especially Sabahan people so we all can trade on that website and in the same time we all can promote our state to outside world.

This one you can create your login profile and in the same time, they will give you free url to promote your stuff you want to sell. Maybe they still lots of things need to be fix on that website but for me… it’s great.. kksell stands for Kota Kinabalu Sell not King Kong sell.. target maybe to promote all Sabahan in E-Commerce industry. Like my url check at http://tronik.kksell.com and you may see some stuff that i want to sell to the world. Hehe.

Ok, don’t just promote your stuff in Mudah come support this one. http://www.kksell.com, It’s worth for selling stuff.

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