Last Aidilfitri Memory

2 weeks after Eid and i’m still missing it. What i missed most are the good foods that seldom can be taste especially here in Kota Kinabalu. Why was that? It’s because all the dishes from Tawau especially by the Bugis people.

I grew up in Tawau like more than 12 years. Since 1991 i was inducted by Bugis dishes because most of my buddies are Bugis also Pakistan, Tidong and all local ethnics in Tawau. Have you ever been there? Try it, lots of great foods.

I’d been to Telipok Ria, Telipok with my friend’s brother for Raya at his friend’s house. Telipok Ria not so bad at all. Although lots prejudice people said most of them came from the squatters around KK area. But, they all mostly came from low income families. By only paying the rent for about RM100++ they can live in a very nice environment. I only disagree by some kids which made lots of grafittis on the flats wall.

Also some of the teenagers playing firecracker without thinking of others in the neighbourhood. Well, as we went there. I had the opportunity to refresh my memories while in Tawau and get the chances to eat all the Bugis delicacies.

The buras (Bugis rice inside the banana leaf), serunding also a rendang chicken, fried chicken being served to us during that day. 
See… i only manage to take a photo of it after eating half. *starving*

They also served a beef soup and i like it. My friend’s taufik from Tawau trying to make me jealous with his mum dishes the soup but i told him i already have it there in Telipok Ria..hahahahahaha *fail lah fik*
This is the greatest soup i ever tasted in 10 years period.. darn.. how i missed this moment.. can’t imagine if Eid without it.. haha long live soup…. one more great food you can get in Bugis people houses every Eid and sometimes during the normal day, you may serve with the dishes. I’m talking about this:
They call it kambang or other commercial name in Malay language a tapai. Well, you may get drunk if you eating it too much.. beware this isn’t for kids. But, while i’m in Tawau, there’s an ABC (Air Batu Campur) stall selling Es Teler (ABC + Kambang), it taste great if you having it with bakso or sanggar (Fried Banana with Sambal).
Until now, the memory in Telipok Ria still remain inside my head.. goshh .. another Eid next year.. can’t wait.. *Insya Allah*.. 

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