I Found My New Love!

After a frustrations results on B2.0 Awards lucky draw last Saturday, i still determined to get new cellphone for my own use. I’m still tied with this old P1i by Sony Ericsson. I can feel it’s time for me to put to rest this cell at home. My friend from Turkey wanted to sell to me his BB Bold for 250 euro (excluding postage). The BB features really thrill me especially where i can blog thru it easily also a messenger got all BB users around the earth for FREE. Well the BIS only RM2/day from DiGi. This morning another gadget captured my eyes. It’s Nokia N8 which look cool. The android i heard being sell for only less than RM2 K. I can’t wait for it. What’s your opinion on this matter? Do you have any other suggestion? This can be great if i can have both (buhahahahhaha)@.@. WIsh me luck. (Listening to Halloween by Helloween and King Diamond).

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