The Weekee"Leaks" Guy

Julian Assange is indeed just “a guy with a website”, but about the same thing can be said of any newspaper: Rupert Murdoch is just “a guy with a printing press”, if you hear it a little. A website is now just a modern version of the printing press, with roughly the same purpose: to convey information to a wider public.

And to communicate information is just what journalism is intended to, especially when information about the State’s dealings. This is what Julian Assange and his team have done no more, no less – they have used democracy’s most fundamental freedoms to disseminate information on States’ lies and vicious behavior, in order to defend democracy itself.

Just like at the Pentagon affair. Just as the Watergate affair. As with the IB store. This is exactly what journalism in a democracy aimed at, and it is precisely for this reason we criticize China and other non-democratic states to counter such information and to entice those who work for democracy instead of giving them maximum protection.

It is also exactly the reason people like Liu Xiaobo Nobel Peace Prize, for his efforts to defend democracy. Exactly for that reason should therefore Assange, Wikileaks and Private Manning awarded next year’s Peace Prize – the Norwegian Nobel Committee has never had a more golden opportunity to prove that it is not Uncle Sam’s private lapdog.

The U.S. government has previously claimed classic American values around freedom of information. As recently as January this year, defended Hillary Clinton nätfriheten in a speech, which she argued: Even in Authoritarian Countries, information networks ARE Helping people discover new facts and making governance must more Accountable.

Making governance must more Accountable is now exactly that Wikileaks leaks around U.S. diplomatic post aims. It shows with the diplomatic service as the undisguised truth is, beyond the rhetoric arranged before an unsuspecting public. It is in many ways a truth we have imagined ourselves to be between the lines, even if Swedish politicians spineless, sycophantic and servile servile to the U.S. government has been more extensive and more gag reflex than I had imagined.

But more interesting than the undisguised truth is itself the American regime’s explosive reaction to the leak: you want to shoot the messenger, the person and the organization with his journalistic work, therefore ARE Helping people discover new facts and making governance must more Accountable.

Assange is an enemy combatant says as a Republican member of the house, which he indicates that Assange is not even worthy of a fair trial (for any supposed crimes), but just is a terrorist who may be placed in Cuba indefinitely. Newt Gingrich called Assange for an enemy of the United States, while Canadian politicians openly mentioned the execution as an option.

Democrat Joseph Lieberman talked less and got on the other hand more done when he was directly affected the Amazon to shut down Wikileaks from its AWS cloud. Amazon themselves claim that the suspension is due to Wikileaks has not complied with the terms of use, and failure to yield to political pressure.

There are several Internet companies that claim the same thing, but of course it is hard not to see the connection between the political outrage, and the sudden onset of the desire to shut down an awkward site. The thing is that there are regime elements loyal to attacking WikiLeaks, which is what EveryDNS and others cite as reasons.

But this in itself means that this electronic terrorism is allowed to continue without intervention of the authorities – if there is something that is the authorities’ responsibility is to fight the scourge of the information infrastructure as electronic warfare means, especially when it strikes at the fundamental objective of Helping people discover New facts and making governance must more accountable.

State turns the other cheek here and applauding as soon as this terrorist activities instead of fighting it, we applaud that free speech is suppressed, and one to stand completely unabashedly that they themselves would be willing to lead firing squad when the Wikileaks guy get caught.

What are these goddamn democracy? In Sweden, they still sense to dismiss a Justice Minister who tries to interfere with an Internet provider to shut down a Web page, as happened when Sweden Democrats’ site was shut down. A Swedish politicians are still so democratically laid him under any circumstances talk about the execution information messengers (we give them a few months in the cage of spying instead). But American politicians appear here have long since passed the pale and is more or less berserk on the basis of democracy – without any response (even if Ron Paul seems to have an alternative view worthy of the American idea).

The Wikileaks guy might be right when he says that the papers will reshape world history. Maybe not as much of what is said as the reactions of the mind of the American regime. Assange has pulled the pants off the American prima donna and is met with a fury usually found in more primitive civilizations. Assange has shown that there is a proper linen to wash in the U.S., and hopefully the political landscape to be cast on what it really suffers. Wikileaks The guy is a hero of our time.

(p/s:pssst…Malaysia…don’t wanna say.. coz everything you say can be a gun who sniping your head… *scared*)

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