Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark,

I know its been so great to have good creations on internet. Especially when it can be called “compulsory” for all human being on earth (even there’s an underage kids using facebook nowadays). While i was online today, 8 December 2010, i was felt so happy since morning. But, my happiness came to an end after i clicked the upgraded Facebook Layout which i thought can be more privacy than before.

I found out, people can post directly to my wall without any filter like before. If i wanna filter, my wall post just dissapear and people can’t see it anymore. It’s really hurt my feelings as devoted Facebook user. My life totally on facebook because i recorded most of my activities on the wall also practicing my freedom of speech which i can’t really feel today here in my country.

It suppose to be more secure. I promoted Facebook for my whole families and friends because how importance it is with our life. And now, the new layout totally disturbing me also i feel unsecure while my privacy can be stalk by many.. Like if someone posted me some hate messages, before i can remove it before anyone else see. It’s totally different now. Please return back the old layout before we all hate Facebook eternally.

(p/s:Mr Mark, please respect consumerism and users and not making them as your lab-rats)

Your Sincerely,
Aj Md Azhar

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