Modify Your "New" Facebook Layout

There’s so many tips for new Facebook layout recently. Well, i tell you many people not satisfy with the layout. Maybe, Zuckerberg’s try to experiment a more new layout in the future. Who knows.. but seriously, i won’t click it anymore. Serious.. i swear. While tweeting i saw one person from America suddenly reply to my tweet regarding on the new layout. She gave me some tips on her blog.

Really interesting tips from her. Here, i wanna share the tips which i haven’t 100% test it yet.

The profile photo edited from this;

For another example;
Well, you like it, rite? Just follow the instructions in this link here @ . It’s totally awesome. I wanna try another method later @ . Let’s we all try together. The real post is here on Emily’s blog.
Thanks for the tips, Emily…

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