Santa Claus attire and Christmas greetings, Do You Think It’s HARAM?

It’s HARAMMMM!!!?? 

Some of the topics being discussed by friends on plurk and some on facebook yesterday really pull me to search for an answer for all the questions being ask. Well, i’m not a scholar to give the best answer but i will try to give my best. Do you think wearing “Santa Claus” attire is HARAM? Wishing our Christian friends “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” HARAM? “Printing those other religions greeting cards and selling it” HARAM?

First of all, i would like to apologize if anything i say here will make people feel uncomfortable on me just because i will criticize the way some of our Muslim brothers thinking (even if they’re Mufti).

Example of Santa Claus attire

For the first question, it’s actually from the press statement made by the Mufti of Johore which he said that wearing “Santa Claus” attire as HARAM. I beg to differ, Datuk… even if you’re mufti.. i still can put critics on you because we’re same..both human. What if the person working for HALAL money and need to wear it? There’s no wrong with it. Attire can’t change our aqidah for Godsake. The red dress of Santa being created from the Coca Cola commercial in America.. so if we wore a “Baju Melayu”, we’re consider as a Muslim? Think again. Well for those who don’t know what i’m talking about, please refer to the news here (it’s in Malay language).or you can read via the snapshot i took:

the news from Malaysia-Today

Islam is way of life and if you believe our religion holding the truth, we don’t need to get worry on that. Well, for other questions, it should be clear that Muslims are commanded to deal justly and kindly with their non-Muslim acquaintances, neighbors, friends, and families. Therefore, Muslims are allowed to wish non-Muslims happiness on their festive days. However, they are not allowed to celebrate or participate in the religious festivities of non-Muslims. (Some ulama’ says, it’s only unallowed but not HARAM especially attending non-Muslim wedding).

For that questions, i would like to cite what Dr. Mostafa Az-Zarqa (may Allah be merciful to him) stated in this regard:

When Muslims greet their Christian acquaintances for Christmas, in my opinion, it is by way of compliment and keeping good relations with them. It is not prohibited in Islam to make these acts of compliment and friendliness, especially because Christ is one of the great Messengers of Allah according to our Islamic creed. Thus, he is revered in our religion too, but the Christians exaggerate in revering him and believe that he is Allah, Glorified is He and Exalted above what they say.

Whoever thinks that wishing Christians a merry Christmas is unlawful because it has to do with their belief in Christ’s divinity is wrong, as there is no connection between this compliment and the details of their creed and their excessiveness in it.

It is required of Muslims to show the merits and moderation of Islam to non-Muslims, and Muslims are not allowed to force non-Muslims to embrace Islam, even if they are living in a Muslim state. Muslims should be tolerant and leave non-Muslims embracing whatever religion they like.

In addition, Muslims today are suffering from a state of weakness among other countries of the world, and major countries plot against them and accuse them of being terrorists and fanatics who cannot be trusted. Therefore, Muslims now need to change this dark image.

Muslims may be visited and greeted by Christian acquaintances in the Muslim feasts, and when the Muslims do not visit the Christians back in Christmas, this will confirm the idea that Muslims are harsh and unwilling to harmonize with others or treat others nicely.

As long as greeting for Christmas and the New Year’s Day is lawful, printing [non-religious] greeting cards and selling them are lawful too, because the means of the lawful are lawful also.

However, there is a point here that should be noted. Muslims may greet Christians for their feasts by way of compliment and nice behavior, but celebrating the New Year in any way that is prohibited is another issue involving following non-Muslims in their traditions and unlawful ways of celebration, which is unlawful. To keep we all more clear, let us watch this video made by Ummah Films (dedicate to me and all Muslim brothers and sisters). Merry Christmas once again to all my Christian friends and happy new year 2011.

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