Malaysia Cheat Laser Or Garuda Deserved The Beating?

Mind you, this is not a PS3 related post, i was going to make one actually but have no real drills available currently in the scene, might have to wait untill the CCC ended and expect some good things from Marcan. Anyway, i am going to make a post about what has happened in ASEAN football last night. Probably the biggest night for football fans in ASEAN. Malaysia Cheat Laser.

So last night my country, Malaysia has break all the odds in the AFF Suzuki Cup to put the mighty Indonesians down 3 goals to nothing in our own ground, the National Stadium of Bukit Jalil. It was a very exciting moment for the Malaysians especially having seen the Garuda defense being slaughtered by the likes of Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, Safee Sali, Safiq Rahim, and Ashari Samsudin. A special noteworthy to the Malaysian goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat too for keeping the Malaysian defense intact, i must say that he has made record for himself in the books as he has gone 5 matches with only one goal allowed in this tournament.

With all the praises to the Malaysian football team, it was not really a proud moment to some of the Malaysian fans who had pointed the lasers towards the Indonesian players during the match especially their goalkeeper, Markus. Although according to the top optometrist in the country it was not really a problem. Nevertheless, it has created quite a havoc with the Indonesians especially in the internet, or Twitter specifically. As Indonesia had a large base of users using the famous social application, the hash tag #MalaysiaCheatLaser has becoming the fastest trending topic in Twitter along with the line of Support Garuda.

Well, i think Indonesians do overreacted in the situation, especially Malaysian players had to go down with the same situation in the group stage of the tournament, in their own Indonesian ground. Yeap, the one that Malaysians had to suffered a 1-5 beating of the Indonesians. Perhaps these images would help?

In European football, it is quite normal to watch the lasers attack, some of the top football players had the lasers being pointed to them, and i think they don’t even moan about it. The football federations in other hand do take note of that.

At least the Indoesian coach did not blame the lasers for their defeat, a real class from him really. Whatever it is, the Malaysian football team got to go to the Indonesia stadium with pride and dignity as they have won the first leg with a bigger margin than the Vietnam’s win. I hope they can make a solid tactical defense that is enjoyable to watch and hopefully go on and win the AFF Suzuki Cup. An achievement in the history of Malaysian football since they have never won it. Well, first they have to prepare for this kind of attack.

In other planet, i hope the Ultramans can come to the Earth and travel to Indoesia to help the Malaysian Football Team more in the second leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup. With the powerful ultra lasers from the first and original Ultraman, the good surely will prevails.

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