Laser Laser Laser

The topic had been phenomenon especially on Social Network site such as twitter. I can see some people can’t accept losing and they keep blaming others if losing. This mentality really need to be erase from Asian soccer fans. (To read what is all about, go here)

They keep spreading “hatred” while the european soccer fans laughing at us. “It’s only because of a ball, they need to grab their own “ball” and think”, comment one of my friend from Germany in cynical way. I had debate with some of them on twitter last nite here. I asked them on why Hate Malaysia over football and #malaysiacheatlaser, they said Malaysia is a cheater. When i asked about The incident in Senayan Indonesia vs Philippines which the Philippines goalkeeper being pointed by a laser, that “moron” changed the topic into foods, clothing whatever that he said Malaysia try to steal from them. It means they’re pointless.

The Filipino really know the way of psychology in the game and they keep cool until the end. Not like certain people which already know they gonna lose but trying to provoke with the “laser”. Some people only qualified to play “kayu lelek” with friends at the beaches while watching white chicks with underwear. Hail Filipino… you’re more better than self-claimed “everything”..

They keep spreading hate while Malaysian spreading love by creating trending topic like #iheartmalaysia and #lovemalaysia. This hashtag also supported by many Malaysian celebrities. Another video on laser, watch the video below during Indonesia vs Malaysia (1st match Group A);

Look at 4.05… what do see? Indonesian coach spokes to the reporter said, Indonesian lose the game because the first goal by Malaysia. (Not by the laser). So as we can see here Malaysia didn’t cheat in the game. It’s only trending topic created by some “Looney” who think they know anything about soccer but actually, they only know to watch “dangdut” concert behind their toilet. Very pathetic pea-brain people (or maybe brainless)

In other stories, Julia Perez the Indonesian actress and singer plan to use a “very sexy” dress with lasers during the 2nd leg of final in Jakarta. Just google Julia Perez if you wanna know about her. While we “they” busy hating us, our beloved Malaysian budget airplane “taiko”, Tony Fernandes put an interest to takeover Virgin Atlantic from his long time friend Richard Branson. The news has been published in The Sunday Times UK. Hope he can do that.

Goodluck to Malaysia in the 2nd leg final AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, also to Tony Fernandes and not forgotten, Julia Perez with her “lasers”. :p Don’t forget to put hashtage #lovemalaysia or #iheartmalaysia on every tweet you make.

(P/S:If anyone offended with this article, they’re an idiot and also remember 2 Millions Indonesian in Malaysia will say #lovemalaysia)

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