Wow!! They Really Hate Us!!

The heat for the final 2nd Leg match getting HOTTER than world cup match.. while European peoples laughing at us, the Asian people. They keep guessing why the incident really so popular. But, first they said it’s all about the “laser”. When you show them the proof on them which using laser first, they may change the stories into batek, foods what so ever. Seriously, i never fight on any social network. Only this time but in other way of “fighting”. While they keep spreading their hatred, i response with flirting ala Romeo.. it’s fun and made them really pissed because i can’t get angry with them.

“The most violent element in society is ignorance.”~Emma Goldman

Until there’s one guy threatening me that “he did not guarantee the safety of Malaysian team supporter” he even admit that he can be the president of Indonesia and destroy Malaysia.. (talk with my hand dude, where the fuck are you when Indonesia suffer with earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption?). He just totally pissed with me .. maybe he just being loveless.

Dude, it just a game. Face it! Win or Lose it just the game. If you wanna know who is he, this is the guy i’m telling you about. Oh, he look like a drug addict or a loser from somewhere else.

On his twitter he just admit he “seorang REMAJA yang belum diakui keberadaanya!!!” or “a teenager that people still don’t realize his existence”. Well, i just realized that he really need an attention from the world and consider he’s a loner. He maybe sniffing too much glue before tweeting. Remember: Don’t sniffing glue and tweeting, it may cause you talking like an ULTRAMAN in “stoned” mode.

“You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry. Most people do”.~Norman Juster

Another people which also the provocateurs, these 2 Indonesian chix (?) Who knows maybe they just a guy hiding behind a girls photo. Who knows because most of the haters or racist on social network always using anonymous photos. According to the expert, they’re bunch of cowards on internet. Well, their picture speak for them :p

As you can see their username is anderstrs, alabara7maki and ranikenfs. They just can’t stand the way i talked with them in a very “romantic” way asking them to be cool. Well, those kids are too ignorance. I forgot their earlier tweet post which more “provocative” than the Van Houten Chocolate in Labuan. wew…

Anyone out there, if you found any post via media, internet or photos, make sure to copy it and send it to and email them at for more info. They’re working on anti-racism and hatred towards soccer and they also cooperate with FIFA. If  some Indonesian provocateurs still carry on with this, we can make it happen with there’s no more soccer (football) match international level in Indonesia. Let them in their own “shell” and just watch it on TV.

I had many Indonesian friends and most of them also said that their countrymen act in very shameful way. Claiming on many things isn’t right. Do they forgot we all came from same first human, Adam and Eve? Sometimes people forgotten on their own roots or history because stands for the “animal” behaviour or attitude. The source of all these mess is, IGNORANCE.

“Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity?”~Steve Polyak

Let’s all join hand together abolishing any hatred and racism in any kind of form. If we still think about our own ignorance, it means the animals more “holier” than us. I really love to quote the words from thejessicat blog under comment section by Eliza, “Those people are H.A.T.E.R.S. = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success!”. Maybe, it’s true.

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