You need to get off FACEBOOK

How many of us ever think about this effect while on social network website especially Facebook? People must be saying ahh… nothing can happen.. well lots of us today exposed with free-cam recording aka reality shows that we will never think about our privacy anymore…

Well it’s a massive hazardous behavior if we never think about our own privacy everywhere.. even group of people who admitted themselves as an artist don’t want their privacy being see by normal people like us. Let me ask you something, do you want people to say bad things on your photos on facebook? You may answer no and you may block or remove the person from your friend list (or you may Flag his comment and report it to Facebook). Also, do you want people post on your wall with a message “hey wanker!! where the F**K are u?” or “When you gonna pay me the money?” or some sudden post which contain the word “bro” or “sis” and you don’t even know them.. are you happy with that? If you say you’re feel “so” glad with that, i bet you should see a doctor or shrink.

I didn’t say i hate Facebook.. if you asking about my facebook account, just go to my page. Well, i had lots of  friends on facebook too and 78% of them i did met them in person. How about the “FFC” (Facebook Friends Collector)? Get a life will you.. what will you get by adding a strangers? Unless, they’re your partner in games for example or maybe a person who had same interest like you which you can share idea with.

The biggest problem i saw on Facebook was the girls, girls and girls who never use their brain while posting a photos. For example;

Booooo…. Some guys don’t really care about you because we’re smart and will never fall with brainless… or maybe you think you’re in Lesbook… a page for lesbian.. It’s dangerous to show your body on facebook.. or sexy dresses.. don’t you know lots of stalker waiting for a victim out there? Next time if you being rape or murder, never blame the rapist or murderer (it’s their job to keep the balance of humanity..LOL).. blame your useless-self.. So ironic eh.. slut”ting” on Facebook and then get rape and kill..

Well, it’s all about privacy… simple.. if you’re looking to be a popular… you don’t need facebook. I still remember when i first arrive on facebook.. it’s all pure.. with lots of people with great ideas to share.. but now, a place where people “whining” on their miserable life.. very pathetic.. if you say once or twice in a month, it’s ok, but if daily.. some people may wish you to take a knife and stab yourself to death. Stop it… i tell once again.. just stop.. if you can’t stand for being tag on photos, just remove it.. simple and no need to yell at the “tagger”..he just doing his job.. So, for those who read this and always do the things being mentioned above, think again if you’re welcome on Facebook…

Remember again, you’re all beautiful people that are much more wonderful in person. 🙂

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