I’m getting frustrated by some “insulting” words from some “retarded” people from Indonesia.. especially when they call Malaysia as Malingsia and Malaysian as malon (which being refered by them as an alien because of our languages). Also many kinds of insult by them. Some insults example here:


I don’t blame whole Indonesia for that.. only some of them having the 3rd class mentality. From soccer until attire and foods. They keep blaming us. Did they read or learn geography or history? Maybe don’t just because they leave faraway below poverty.. if you ask me they can afford internet.. sure everybody can.. even Hutu or Zulu or Masai can login to internet and facebook.. but they dont want do that it’s because there’s no need for them. At least they go this fella during the AFF Suzuki Cup match..LOL

The “Bomoh Tepung” LOL

But this “retard”, can online especially if relates to spreading “disease” on internet. Most of them belongs to “uneducated” group of Indonesians. The educated peoples really dont want to bother after all.. and according to my research.. most of those haters who hiding behind fake profile photo on facebook actually just a kid.. for example below here:

Just check the chat-popup..below that picture.. and look at his photo.. what do you think? He just a kid.. isn’t it? Also there’s one more kid who keep insulting us with some dirty words..well, he just quiet after i show to all on Facebook his photo.. because he just a kid.. well, next time, i’m gonna report you to your momma.. because i already added her on my friend list..

I wonder from where did they learn that kind of mentality? According to studies all babies borned to this world are innocence until they being inducted by their surrounding or old men (?). This things also happened in    Malaysia and any other country in the world. 
Another thing that made me upset today was this blog:
I’m hoping all blogger friends can “Report Abuse” that blog and mark as Hatred or Violence on the report form. or you can directly go to the report form here. I keep wondering too if their country really a religious country, as far as i know, all religions in this world prohibiting their followers from insulting others. (Except zionism because it’s not a religion but a political belief). Before i end my post for now.. mind to visit my tumblr blog @ and watch the video’s funny

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