Tips To Boost-Up Your Upload/Download Speed

Im writing this guide for the users who have slow speeds in there torrent client because i’m a downloader/uploader. If you have’nt already patched the TCPIP.sys file in Windows XP,your torrents will run slow because XP is limiting the amount of Half-open Connections.First click here and download the zip file and extract it. (Make sure you disable your antivirus first and exempt/excluding the file from being detected as a virus.)

Now run the file EvID4226Patch.exe,it will open a dos box which looks like this..

if your TCPIP.sys is not patched it will tell you the max is 10(circled).If you click Y on your keyboard(circled) it will change the max to 50.
once you have done that it will patch the file and countdown 15 seconds(incase Windows XP’s file protection system changes it back)if done succesfully you will see this.
dont worry about this popup just click cancel
then on this one click YES
once completed REBOOT your pc and run the EvID4226Patch.exe once more just to check,if TCPIP limit has changed exit the dos box.
My downloads and uploads were slow as hell,you dont have too change too 50 you can try 70 or even 100,but it depends on the speed of your connection,i have mine set at 50 and have no problems,so i hope this helps those who also have slow speeds.
That work just in XP. Vista is more complicated, try here or here. or you can follow the tutorial below;
First of all you need to check if it has worked and your TCP Connections are still not maxed out.
To do this open up the event viewer by clicking “Start” > “Run” > Enter ” eventvwr.msc ” > Click “Ok”.
Once the Event Veiwer is open, go to “Event Viewer (Local)” > “System” > Sort by “Event” and scroll down to 4226.
Check the dates of the events.
Also you need to be setting the value in your utorrent (if your using utorrent)

-Running EventID4226Fix for Windows Vista:
-Extract all contents of the file to a folder.
-If you are running 64-bit Vista double click on InstallPatch64.bat. 
-If you are running 32-Bit Vista double click on InstallPatch32.bat. 
-If you are not sure run InstallPatch32.bat.
-Some text should scroll by in a MS-DOS window after it ends type Y and press Enter.
-After the restart notice appears, press any key and restart your PC.
-If after changing the limit it asks for your windows CD click cancel and don’t insert your  
-Windows CD as it will just replace the file back to what it was.

Anyway, Vista sucks.. why dont’ you try to rollback to XP or maybe Windows 7. Have a try.. now i can download 10 stuff without lag on my laptop. I think the speed more faster if on desktop.

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