Let’s Form Study Habits Together!

I know it may sound crazy. Or even a hopeless attempt but I want to undertake this habit change. This is the first habit I want to change.

Every night from now on, I’ll be studying twenty minutes before sleeping. By the use of the word “studying”, I meant reading advanced lectures and understanding them and also, skimming over old notes. or maybe trying to be a nerd on many type of books.

This could work for you too. Maybe night isn’t a good time to you or twenty minutes is short. Feel free to change it. If you wake up early and have tons of free time, you could study in the morning instead. The main idea here is you skim over your notes or you read stuff in your textbook every day.

If you live far away from school or college, you could study over the commute. Or if you eat fast, you could study during the remaining time in lunch. By doing this, you could risking the chance of destroying some parts of your social life. It doesn’t matter. Your social life could wait. Learning couldn’t. And most certainly, your grades couldn’t.

Let’s do this together. I’m starting tonight. Maybe you could start tonight too. Keep doing this. Make this a habit. It usually takes 30 days to form a habit. Sometime along the way, you get so discouraged. This is usually the end of the first week of the habit change. It is usual and to you, it seems almost impossible to beat it but in fact, it is beatable if you just motivate yourself enough.

Although you’re not at college, you still can study many kind of things. Do you know 76% of geniuses in this world belongs to the street-smart which don’t have any certificates from any colleges or universities? But the seems know almost everything just because “studying”.


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