Beauty in The Darkness

Her name’s Doris Yeh, and she plays black metal.

This is her band, Chthonic, in full black metal regalia.

And here’s a video of their song “Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains.”

Sounds like a bunch of Cradle of Filth worshippers. Which isn’t a bad thing for someone like me who digs CoF (at least, their first few albums). It just shows that there’s more to this group than just a sweet-faced bassist. So hey, they got me at hello.
Devil’s horn to DJ Jorge from Venezuela (Metal Messiah Radio) for putting Doris Yeh and Chthonic in my radar. Who says only ugly, beastly things slither in the realm of black metal, arguably the most heinous, the most extreme, the most degenerate form of music there is (that is, if you consider the shenanigans of its Norwegian creators)? At least she’s more pure than those chix from “poop” scene :-p

Check more photos of her a shot for FHM:

Check out her band official myspace page here. Also check out Metal Messiah Radio at

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