I Hate Malays Teachers Teaching Maths and Science

What i got here.. another racist group being started by some non-Malaysian citizen (think so?)..because they dont’ want a Malays to teach them Maths and Science.. why was that? Maybe they will say to foreign people if being ask.. hey are you Malay, they will say no.. i’m Chinese or Indian.. and the foreign peeps may think they’re from China or India and not Malaysian.. if you don’t like it, go to Germany and stay there especially in area which many neo-nazi kids lived. I bet you may get some “gift” everyday from them. Well, i know you all don’t have a guts to do it.

*i hate Malays teachers because i came from mainland..just alive yesterday loorrr.. i orso love girls…

I clearly agree that other race not so good in English.. (same like me).. because its not our L1… so if you’re good enuff, can you pass the BM oral-test? or maybe you gonna copy your friends? heh? If you don’t like, why don’t you try to become a teacher? Because you’re SUCKS!!!! and NO-BALLS!!!!! niños estúpidos … can you speak like me? I can even speak Hebrew… and say it to your face.. because your brain just more smaller than my cat brain (which is more genius).. here some screenshots as a proof to you…

Double-click to enlarge the photos above. Please spread this.. and let them move to somewhere in Germany if they have balls…. (i bet dont have..LOL)
*Latest news, the page already can’t be found on FB..maybe they just coward… well running.. scared being hunting like a chicken.. LOL.. 

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