YNWA For 119 Years: Happy Birthday Liverpool FC

Today 15th March 2011.. Liverpool celebrated his 119 years birthday. Happy birthday Liverpool…my favourite football club in the world… it’s not because football.. it’s also because of The Beatles and Pink Floyd song “The Fearless”.

And now, after a very bad starts for Liverpool.. well we all can hope the best under the rule of King Kenny. We always proud to be Scouse under the umbrella of The “pure” Reds Kop. You’ll Never Walk Alone.. we don’t care what others say.. because only skies above us…

Simple history on LFC:

“119 years ago today Liverpool Football Club was formed.

In January 1892, after bitter wranglings between local brewers John Houlding and John Orrell, Everton Football Club were given notice to leave their football gound at Anfield.

At a meeting, held on 15th March 1892, Houlding decided to leave Anfield Road and form a new club called Liverpool.

Along with a small group of loyal supporters who had refused to move to Goodison, Houlding registered Liverpool Association Football Club with the Football League in May 1892.”


This song dedicated to you LFC


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