China "Did" it Again: Fake Egg!

After a “successful” on duplicating all branded items, now China created new spooky kind of thing, it was an egg. It’s already arrive here in Malaysia. The email being circulating all over internet before. Check the photo below:

The explainations in Malay language:

Some from contains inside the email:

Beware you guys and girls!

During a recent raid on a wholesale centre in Guangzhou city, the capital of China ‘s Guangdong province, a large quantity of fake eggs was seized.

Their wholesale price is 0.15 yuan (S$0.03) each – half the price of a real egg.

Consumers have a hard time telling a genuine egg from a fake one. The article includes a photograph supposedly showing one of the fake eggs along side a real egg. However, there is no way of telling from the photograph if one of the eggs is fake or not.

Those who have tasted it say, the fake stuff tastes very much like the real thing, even tastier than the real one!

which is harmful and actually, simply easy to find.

+ To make the egg white, various ingredients, including a powder and alum, are mixed together.

+ The ‘yolk’ is shaped in the round mould. ‘Magic water’ containing calcium chloride is used.

+ Hardy shells are formed by pouring paraffin wax and a liquid onto the egg, which are then left to dry.

And experts warn of the danger of eating fake eggs. Not only do they not contain any nutrients, a Hong Kong Chinese University professor warned that long-term consumption of alum could cause dementia. And aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Examination revealed that the fake egg was made from calcium carbonate, starch, resin, gelatin and other chemical products.

I mean c’mon guys!! You’re not going to eat these stuffs right? RIGHT??!
So, it’s recommended to READ THE LABEL (TWICE) before buying!

The horror thing is, it’s already here in Malaysia:

And read the news here and here. Credit goes to Jeff Chang from Kota Kinabalu Facebook Consumer Group

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