I look at my watch.. oh it’s 6th September 2011 and today is the second day for Dottie not with me on Twitter. This is the second post for her. Oh…. today i woke up bit late. The weather bit cold and i looked into my colleague’s bed, his not there anymore.

I can hear the noise from the living room. Music. Yes it’s a music and my colleague watching a clip video from some “famous” Malaysian artist. I can feel so lonely this morning, maybe i woke up late or maybe.. i’m not on twitter as usual wishing everyone “good morning” and there’s Dottie greet me back, “good morning, buddy“. How i miss that moment… hays.. i step into the shower weakly and start to get naked inside the bathroom. How i wish you’re the one can see it. Haysss….

I washed clean and very clean everything and it smell nice too. And my heart say, “Dottie, please coming back online”

*Back to work and good nite*

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