AMWDOT #24 #23 #22

How i miss to update my blog last Sunday and Monday yesterday. Today is UPSR and all i do for today just sit and updating my blog. Another day, yet another week for my post A Month Without Dottie On Twitter… i bundled up the post into 3 days at once.

UPSR from other school in Sabah

AMWDOT posts i dedicated to my friend, Dorothy Reynoso from Philippines who’s “fasting” from technology for a month. Hope she’s fine and will never feel “starve” or “thirsty”. Honestly, i miss her.. ak ak ak ak.. i don’t know what to say. Last 3 days i suffered with sore throat and bad flu.

Still have it ’til now. It’s the effect from mango and sing alot with my students at school. We sing and we play on Friday. I’m chatting with my friend, Lyn, from Tagaytay, Philippines. She’s a doctor and we chat alot on women hygiene especially in Philippines. Frankly speaking, most women in Philippines never wash their vagina and sometimes it smelly. She always ask her patient to wash it first before she check their genital area. Same goes with men there. Huh!!.. no surprises at all.. hehehe

What if your partner have a very smelly genital area? Don’t know what to say..LOL.. Now i feel sleepy… new day and second day again for tommorow on UPSR. and tommorow is the English paper. Hope the students do well on their exam. See you guys again tommorow.

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