Finish another paper for students examination UPSR this morning. Mathematics (Objective paper), another day tommorow will be the last day for it. Science and English language left. The exam today only took 1 hour and half only.

On Friday, we will having another holiday which is Malaysia Day. 16th September 1963 when Malaysia first formed after some discussion with leaders from Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. We celebrated this event yearly. Another dream i had last nite when i dreamt about Dottie again. Hope she’s fine and she’s practicing her “spaghetti” dance with her cousin. hahahahahaha

Dancing with the song.. “spaghetting pa baba, pa baba ng pa baba” .. Well i am still waiting for my money that’ll out next month. I wanna grab those blackberry® also an iPhone. Hays…. have to wait a month more. Anyway, my eyes feel heavy now… and i wanna go to sleep.. good nite everyone.

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