AMWDOT #19 #18

I can’t update my blog yesterday since it was rainy day and i’m still sick (but i manage to go to the bundle store in town hehehe). It’s Malaysia day and lots of people not going to work because its holiday and the traffic also seems fine and no jam.

My body still feel bit aching and i still feel aching here and there. I did a 20 push-up and i’m sweating like a pig afterwards.  I managed to get a bundle shirts with cheaper prices. It’s only RM15 for 3 pieces. All black tees. And today, i went there again and i got another shirt with super fun writing on it. “I’m a Happy Fun Guy” hahahahahahah.. so corny..

Talking about Dottie, she did message me on facebook yesterday and she’s in trouble.. she want me to pray for her. Hopefully she’s ok coz i’m also feel worried here. What happened to her? She dont wanna tell me until 6th October. A month after tech-fasting and she’ll give the answer to me. Well, within next week, i’ll be super-busy and seldom have a chance to update this blog. I’m attending a 5 days course at the town of Kota Marudu. At Hexen Hotel.

Wish the best for me. I will try to update this because i promise to Dottie, i’ll do it daily. See ya again tommorow….

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