AMWDOT #17 #16

I forgot to update my blog yesterday.. so today here i am, on Monday, a first day of my course here at Hexan Hotel, Kota Marudu where have to attend this course for 5 days started today.

This course a bit bored at first but then it turned to be enjoyable. It’s fun because we have to pretend that we’re the students. And we must implement the idea of teaching our students that way when we get back to the school. It’ll be next year for me. Because this year, i’m not gonna teach the Year 2 students.

Met lots of friends also new friends for example the Canadian Miss Judy and Mr. Mathieu from Ireland. They’re our mentors for this course for 5 days. I’m staying at my dad’s new house for the first time… and it’s totally big with lots of doors. I feel like sleeping in the dungeon during at nite because it’s totally dark and quiet. Wew..

I still thinking of Dorothy before i going to sleep..hahahha.. some incident also happened last nite, one of my friend Blinky from Manila just unfriended me on Facebook and twitter for no reason. She said, it’s because of her boyfriend… duhhh!! before she said she don’t had any boyfriend.. Weird and pathetic.. but anyway i’m cool with it.. It’s ok if she wanna unfriend me.. it’s not the end of the world.. luckily my gadgets more better than her. Hahahaha.. Ok have to go now. See ya tommorow

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