Welcome Tuesday… new day to me.. and for all of you out there. it’s 15 days more for Dottie to end her tech-fasting. Today, is the second day for our course here in Hexan Hotel, Kota Marudu. The English KSSR for year 2.

I wish this course will end quicker than in the schedule but it says, it’s only end on Friday and i’ll be travel back again to Kota Kinabalu. My life so hectic until sometimes, i hate weekend. Hectic life makes me forgot all trouble i had in few month back. I know only Dottie understand this. hehehe that’s why sometimes i need her. 
My flu still here and can’t breath properly especially in the morning and nite time like this. I need my medicine but i forgot to bring it here from Kota Kinabalu. I’ve met lots of chix here during the course. A teacher? its a big no no to me. lol. Well, i enjoy last few weeks of my life.. with work.. friends and everything.. hope everything going well again tommorow.. see ya

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