We meet again on this very beautiful Wednesday. I had a very surprised news today, one of the teacher here knew my ex-girfriend during my college day. She said she was very nice person. Good lord that was a great impression of her. Stop talking about my ex.

Now i feel like i’m back as a kid.. because today we play, sing a song, jazz chanting… especially on the cuckoo song.. i wonder if Dottie still a small girl, she must be sing the Pakitong, Kitong song with style like a crab moving from side to the other side. hahahaha…

Another 14 days for Dottie on her tech-fasting and hope she’s return back in one piece and not gonna fast again after that. If not i’m gonna miss her like crazy again. Like now.. hahahahaa…

If you guys don’t know about the pakitong kitong song, here i share the lyrics and the song.:

Tong, tong, tong, tong pakitong-kitong

Alimango sa dagat
malaki at masarap!

Kay hirap hulihin 
sapagkat nangangagat.

Tong, tong, tong, tong pakitong-kitong.

Ok see you all again on my next post, tommorow.. tadaaaaaaa…

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