Wew… after long week at last the course ended today. I was so happy as i did attended the courses everyday. It also the week i managed to get in touch with my dad. Me and my dad are okay now. I feel poor with him because i saw him getting old now. Congrats to my self because i managed to settle the problem as a real man.

I still counting the day. Another 12 days for Dottie to accomplish her “fasting”. It’s a very quiet day today. Lots of my friends at the course already went away for their college registration. Maybe my turn will be end of this year.

I feel so confuse today as my friend didn’t finish the task to key-in the report for Bahasa Malaysia subject yet. What the hell was that? They suppose to do it early this week and not just waiting for me to do it. Hayss… What in the world was that…

I’m thinking about my plan to go to Philippines and planning for mini gathering with my Filipino friends and IRC #laguna chatroom friends. I plan on November 20th, one day after the Bodom concert in Quezon city and the venue i plan it will be in Ayala Mall or SM Ortigas. It depends on their suggestion. I’m waiting for their feedback especially from mS_aBBy. Maybe Dottie can give me idea on this matter.

Anyway, it’s time for me to sleep now. Good nite everyone.

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