I had a flu today and it’s really bad flu. I forgot my medicine in Kota Kinabalu. My sister did calls me from New York and she still want me to be back to her. Ohhh.. actually i still miss her and i can’t deny that. I try making my self busy day by day but the feeling still there.

I’m hypocrite if i’m saying i don’t love her anymore. Sometimes i wish she’s coming back and we can make a new chapter in our life. I pray for it everyday. Hays.. and Dorothy not here to listen to my blahblah… that’s why i need her now. She must be mad at me if she knows i’m not acting like a real man. What to do.. i’m only a human. I’m weak.

If i can make one wish, i wish i can go back and change everything before it’s happen. I know i’m not the perfect person but i can be “super” if i’m with you. Please come back……

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