This is Sunday. And i feel so tired from yesterday’s gig. The Metalhhead Fest 2011. And today i can’t connect to streaming again due busy to entertain my friend and my connection damn slow. I cannot control myself from making busy everyday now. Feel addicted to it. I can only be rest when i’m sleeping. If i’m doing nothing that day, i will keep thinking of her. Sometimes it makes me cry too. I MUST KEEP MYSELF BUSY!

As today i’m going back again to the jungle to teach my precious little students at school. While waiting for my cousin to come, i kept staring at the gift from her. It’s a puppy doll name Warwick from Magic Blue. Honestly, i always talking with it. I always asked when will Mommy come back home because we miss her. As she told me to keep it and take care of it like a child.

3 more days before Dottie officially end her tech-fasting thingy. She’s already on twitter. I really miss her and i’m glad she miss me too. It’s all buddy stuff and some people will misunderstood it as love thing but no it’s not. She’s like a sister to me where i can talk with her about anything. I don’t know if the feeling change. It all works from above.

It’s time from me to sleep with Warwick. Good nite…

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