My day so hectic this Saturday with lots activities. First, i went to the bank to withdraw some money. and after that went to meet Robin my friend from Vormit and Spitzum band. We chat a little bit about the scene and what’s going on in our everyday life. Ah.. i forgot to mention Yus aka Jurman. His with Robin too.. Our convo stop when it’s nearly noon… We need to get our ass move to Razz-Ma-Tazz where the Metalhead Gig 2011 held.

It’s consider a sacred venue for Metal Blitz Entertainment, the organiser, Mr. Rajolly aka Cozenn. He chose that place after the Kota Kinabalu Community Hall long time ago. Maybe the acoustic sound that can be produce inside the club or the sound system provided by the owner of the club Mr. Sugumar. Who knows.. i never organise any gig there. Maybe one day if i earn more on monthly wages… heeheeh

I’m the MC of the gig.. you know what is MC? Master of Ceremony sounds like executioner doing his job by announcing who’ll be the next in the death row. I’m mingling around with the band members of some band including Cozenn’s own band, Demizer. We chat about lots of issues. From Palestine until the new underwear in the market. Wew.

I only managed to get home at 8.00 PM.. wow lots of celebrities at the gig including Aru from Koffin Kanser. and many more metalhead “celebrities” LOL. I mean some trend followers who thought being metalhead just being cool by showing their black t-shirt to anyone. That’s so disgusting and awful too.. hahahaa. Well, enough of my blah moment.. It’s time for me to sleep. Good nite everyone.

I miss you……

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