Cetera’s Songs and Me

It’s been awhile tidak update blog ni. Kadang2 mau update tapi buat alasan sendiri konon bz (ketara malas update). Well, my life getting better nowadays beside my routine surrounded by childrens. I love my life and in the same time i can adapt my surrounding with my son in it.

I’m not really a great dad but i’m struggle to be greater. Ok, mau cerita about me in the middle of the night ni. Sambil layan lagu-lagu Peter Cetera. Ok, i’m a metalhead (to be honest) but i’m still fan of sappy ballad songs. I love Cetera’s voice since Chicago. I know Cetera because of Chicago. 

And my uncle used to be a fan of Chicago and i learn how to sing Chicago song “hard to say i’m sorry” when i was 11 years old and that was in 1987. God, that was long time ago and i’m going to 38 this year. How time flies but my love for his music still strong. I wonder why i kept listening to all romantic songs lately… Something fishy going on with me… Hikhikhik

Well, i can’t even think straight now but my motivation keep rising and it made me happy. And my creativity on doing and creating new ideas burst into maximum level… Must be in love….. Good nite

(P/S: nothing much about Peter Cetera here *peace*)

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