Today is a sad day after the launching of iPhone 4s aka iPhone 5 by some fanatical consumers on the product which according to some news headline, it failed to wow investors and consumers. Steven Paul Jobs aka Steve Jobs has passed away today 6th October 2011 (5th October 2011 EST).This one also the final... Continue Reading →


The ForeignerThe last time that I spoke to herShe wouldn’t let her guard down,I’ll be yours if you stay mineIt’s the last thing that I wantedTo break your heart to make you cryI’ll be in the shadows shedding lightI am now a stranger, a foreignerI am now a stranger, a freedom fighter in a war... Continue Reading →


This is Sunday. And i feel so tired from yesterday's gig. The Metalhhead Fest 2011. And today i can't connect to streaming again due busy to entertain my friend and my connection damn slow. I cannot control myself from making busy everyday now. Feel addicted to it. I can only be rest when i'm sleeping.... Continue Reading →


My day so hectic this Saturday with lots activities. First, i went to the bank to withdraw some money. and after that went to meet Robin my friend from Vormit and Spitzum band. We chat a little bit about the scene and what's going on in our everyday life. Ah.. i forgot to mention Yus... Continue Reading →


I just love to look at this picture. I wish i can sit down the tree and thinking of you everyday. We can catch the cloud and play with it. Another day tomorrow. I'll be doing MC for a metal gig in Razz-Ma-Tazz, Kota Kinabalu. I know it'll be awesome.. and my weekend will be... Continue Reading →


I had a flu today and it's really bad flu. I forgot my medicine in Kota Kinabalu. My sister did calls me from New York and she still want me to be back to her. Ohhh.. actually i still miss her and i can't deny that. I try making my self busy day by day... Continue Reading →

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