Gambar Facebook Mogok Lapar Palestin

Tahanan palestin sekarang sedang mengadakan mogok lapar paling terbesar dalam sejarah dunia. Dicatatkan mogok lapar selama 76 hari tanpa makan dan minum bagi menentang kekejaman Israel. Antara tuntutan mereka adalah hak asasi sebagai tawanan perang, pendidikan dan lain-lain seperti yang diishtiharkan oleh undang-undang antara bangsa. Dengan hanya menukar gambar profil, ini dapat membantu tahanan palestin... Continue Reading →

Facebook "shut down" News only a Hoax…

Facebook shut down hoax spreads like firei ain't gonna close it... i bought my first gold boxer from FB also my "gf"Internet faux news site Weekly World News posted an outrageous story that Facebook will be shut down on March 15th 2011, due to the stress it has put Founder Mark Zuckerberg through.Normally this type... Continue Reading →

No More Facebook after March 15th

A shocking news i read today. Maybe it's true or maybe it just some hoax by World News. This web just tabloid. But, who know's.. i may ask a confirmation about this from Facebook staff. The news is here. ;"PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the... Continue Reading →


I'm getting frustrated by some "insulting" words from some "retarded" people from Indonesia.. especially when they call Malaysia as Malingsia and Malaysian as malon (which being refered by them as an alien because of our languages). Also many kinds of insult by them. Some insults example here:1-Malon2-Malingsia3-Alay4-Bacok-bacok..I don't blame whole Indonesia for that.. only some... Continue Reading →

You need to get off FACEBOOK

How many of us ever think about this effect while on social network website especially Facebook? People must be saying ahh... nothing can happen.. well lots of us today exposed with free-cam recording aka reality shows that we will never think about our privacy anymore...Well it's a massive hazardous behavior if we never think about... Continue Reading →

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