The Perpetual Journey

When I think of the perpetual journey through lifeWhen it always feels like autumnThe wind moves slowly to the northAnd the flowers dieRain falls in my dreamsI must travel again and search for comfortI must search again for the voice of tendernessI must travel again to next autumnThe perpetual journey to next autumnWhen I wander... Continue Reading →


The day you went awayYou had to screw me overI guess you didn't knowall the stuff you left me withis way too much to handleBut I guess you don't careWhatever on earth possessed youto make this bold decisionI guess you don't need meWhile whispering those wordsI cried like a babyhoping you would careYou don't need... Continue Reading →

Look Who’s Talking Now!!

Cautions: Very strong and vulgar words ahead. If you don't like it, don't read it.Doofus! I don't say i sms you because of something... it's only to make you think (If you have a brain). Some people don't get it. Too naive maybe. So lame.. if you think i'm the same person you know before,... Continue Reading →

Silent All These Years

I know about how to shut my mouth for a years. I know how to quiet even there's a pain inside me. I know how to cry even i'm a man. It just to relief me from being so sad. It's normal rather than keeping it inside and turn my self into psychotic murderer. I... Continue Reading →

My Love For You

She can not own meI was not made to bebought or soldShe can not control meI’m not a puppet on her stringsShe can not direct memy path is not the one her choseShe can no longer hurt memy strength surpasses herYou can love meand I will love you in returnYou can gently guide meand I... Continue Reading →


Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dustFrom my face another morning black Sundaycoming down againand coming down againEmpty vessel empty veinEmpty bottle wish for rain that pain againWash the blood of my face the pulse frommy brain and i feel that pain againAnd i feel my pain againI'm looking over my shoulderbecause millions will... Continue Reading →

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