Today is a sad day after the launching of iPhone 4s aka iPhone 5 by some fanatical consumers on the product which according to some news headline, it failed to wow investors and consumers. Steven Paul Jobs aka Steve Jobs has passed away today 6th October 2011 (5th October 2011 EST).This one also the final... Continue Reading →


The ForeignerThe last time that I spoke to herShe wouldn’t let her guard down,I’ll be yours if you stay mineIt’s the last thing that I wantedTo break your heart to make you cryI’ll be in the shadows shedding lightI am now a stranger, a foreignerI am now a stranger, a freedom fighter in a war... Continue Reading →

Happy Ramadhan

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan buat semuanya pada tahun 2011 Masihi ini... (tahun 1432H) buat semua yang mengenali saya, harap dimaafkan silap salah. semoga Ramadhan ini kita mendapat keberkatan yang tidak terhingga.Apa perancangan terawih? Amat susah bagi saya melakukannya kerana bertugas dalam hutan dan jemaah yang tidak lah ramai. Kalau ada nak sedekah kuih, jangan lupa kontek... Continue Reading →

The Perpetual Journey

When I think of the perpetual journey through lifeWhen it always feels like autumnThe wind moves slowly to the northAnd the flowers dieRain falls in my dreamsI must travel again and search for comfortI must search again for the voice of tendernessI must travel again to next autumnThe perpetual journey to next autumnWhen I wander... Continue Reading →

Shroud Of False

We are just a moment in time,A blink of an eye,A dream for the blind,Visions from a dying brain,I hope you don't understand-----------------------------------------------------------I know it's hopeless... Seems these poetic words keep given me spirits to carry on.. I know, i will never make people understand me.. As i, will never fall for people who adoring... Continue Reading →


Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dustFrom my face another morning black Sundaycoming down againand coming down againEmpty vessel empty veinEmpty bottle wish for rain that pain againWash the blood of my face the pulse frommy brain and i feel that pain againAnd i feel my pain againI'm looking over my shoulderbecause millions will... Continue Reading →

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