The day you went awayYou had to screw me overI guess you didn't knowall the stuff you left me withis way too much to handleBut I guess you don't careWhatever on earth possessed youto make this bold decisionI guess you don't need meWhile whispering those wordsI cried like a babyhoping you would careYou don't need... Continue Reading →

Look Who’s Talking Now!!

Cautions: Very strong and vulgar words ahead. If you don't like it, don't read it.Doofus! I don't say i sms you because of something... it's only to make you think (If you have a brain). Some people don't get it. Too naive maybe. So lame.. if you think i'm the same person you know before,... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Fiona. Hope you will always happy. I don't mind you not showing up yesterday at A Famosa. It's craziest stuff i've done. Flying from Sabah, riding a bus to Malacca earlier morning. Quiet tiring, i'm not going to tell you on phone, becoz i don't want you to feel uneasy that's why i... Continue Reading →

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