(source: boners.com)Jalan Fun Wee Fuck means Fun Wee Fuck Street located in Malacca, Malaysia. If you guys coming to Malacca, don't forget to take a photo near this signboard.

A LOL Video of the Day!! II

For those who still in Christmas mood from 25th December.... this videos are for you.. enjoy watching it and laugh with your friends and family.Psycho Christmas Carolers In The Mid of The Nitehttp://embed.break.com/MTk3MzQwMQ==Crazy Christmas Carolers - Watch more Funny VideosSexy Cup Size Bra Choirhttp://embed.break.com/MTk3MzU3Mw==The Cup Size Choir - Watch more Funny Videos

Take Your Life In Manly Way

Life Got You Down?If you've been a little depressed lately and have contemplated partaking in the bliss of death, here are some suggestion on how to kill yourself. Even if you don't use these exclusive royalty free suicide methods, remember to do it as creatively as possible.Don't be boring and just take sleeping pills, go... Continue Reading →

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